Péter Horváth

Video analyst team leader ,
PFLA, 2017-

Assistant coach, PAFC, 2011-2019

Technical director, PFLA, 2014-2015

Video Analyst

‘In our work, it is of key importance to be able to show a given game situation to the technical team and the players in the simplest possible graphical way. The programme is of great help in this task for us, as it allows us to transform drafted tactical line-ups into proportional, 3D perspective images or animations, with a single keystroke.

A great advantage of the programme is the possibility of selecting up to 25 situation interface from a single screen.

The preparation of tactical movements is aided by the phase-drawing design module, which is able to model the movement of all 22 players within moments. In this way, everything that should draw the attention of players and coaches could be easily and fast visualised from different viewing angles.

Gábor Késedi

Video analyst,
MOL Fehérvár FC, 2016-

Video analyst, Hungarian national selection team , 2016 EB

Reserve coach, Vasas FC, 2004-2014