„‘At the start of my career, I could not find a software which would allow me to visualise the football events (practices, trainings, game situations), which I was imagining, in an appropriate way. For this reason, in 2009, I decided that I would be the master of my own fate and with the help of programming mathematician Kiss Miklós, I initiated a software development project, the initial objective of which was practice design, using pictograms.

Later in 2011, IT engineer Radics Péter, who was experienced in 3D modelling, took over the project, and an opportunity opened to enhance the functions of the software by integrating its 2D events into a 3D space. The development of numerous 3D objects (player, lines, tools) and the implementation of expert ideas related to football took place,

After 9 years of ‘slow’ development, in 2018, I could see that the quality of the software had reached a level at which it could be shown to professional coaches a testing process started with the support of Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia ( Puskás Ferenc Football Academy) and MTK Hungária FC.
In the same year, I set up a business together with Péter, the name of which was My Soccer System Hungary Kft. (Ltd). With an objective to source additional resources, we approached Hiventures Kockázati Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt. (Plc) with this software prototype and to date we have completed two support cycles.

We entered the market in July 2019 and we signed our first contract with the support of Ferencváros.
In the second half of the year, I continued to hold presentations and tutorials at various organisations. In the meantime, the development process did not stall and we implemented the tutorial and documentation modules.

In the beginning of 2020, we signed further long-term agreements with Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia (Puskás Ferenc Football Academy), MOL Fehérvár FC and Újpesti Torna Egylet ( Újpesti Athletic Association). As a result of an agreement signed with the Testnevelési Egyetem, which plays a significant role in the higher-level football coach education, coaches coming out of coach education had an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the software at the start of their education.
The programme was of huge help not only to the coaches who took part in the support programme. Another proof of the product’s value is the fact that the leading coaches of the professional clubs taking part in the 2019/20 round of the Hungarian Championship, e.g. MOL Fehérvár FC, MTK, Vasas, Debrecen, ZTE use it.

Looking back the 11-years long development cycle, my objective remains unchanged but I would like to extend my work onto the professional football community: the provision of an information technology system in order to ensure high-quality support for the work of professional football coaches, who work for national associations, clubs, educational organisations and other football-related organisations. My engineering and system work in this project has materialised in the form of this programme, but the software itself cannot be the objective in itself – it is rather a supporting tool for the solution of the problem, with the help of which we can ‘plan the victories of the working days’ (Kólya Zoltán)’.

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